Warrington Market

Warrington Market

Warrington LYLM 2014Best Love Your Local Market Event


There has been a market in Warrington since the year 1255 when the population of the borough was in the region of 600 people. Today, the population has grown in excess of 220,000 and ironically the number of people employed in our large indoor market is around 600.

Awarded Best Indoor Market in the UK during 2009, Warrington traders have continued to stack up individual awards for their efforts. Our fish stall won BBC Young Fishmonger of the Year. The lady operating a Fair Trade stall has been granted an MBE for her services. The operator of our disability information and shop-mobility service has been granted an MBE for his services, and plenty of other traders often win prizes for their individual skills.

Warrington indoor market is part of a major town centre redevelopment scheme and is currently experiencing new challenges to maintain a vibrant market during the forthcoming demolition and construction process.


Markets are all about people, and it is the efforts of these people that attract others. When we organised the Love Your Local Market campaign for Warrington we were very clear that we wanted other people to celebrate our market, rather than us just shout about how good we are.

Our Love Your Local Market campaign included several youth organisations joining forces to create a youth market event, this then attracted the older people’s forum to get involved. Local arts and craft organisations helped us create a craft market, and our council leisure department sponsored a table tennis tournament for market traders. The council’s waste recycling section sponsored cooking demonstrations, and our cake shop created a cake featuring characters from the market.

The more people we got involved in our events, the easier it became to include other participants from local attractions seeking to promote themselves.