The Brownie Bar

The Brownie Bar

My sister Sarah and I started our business over 5 years ago now, at various markets across the north east.

Sarah is a trained pastry chef with years of experience in restaurants across the North East, and I had spent 6 years after university where I studied business, working in product development in London. We always wanted to start a business and baking was always our passion even when growing up making cakes with our mum and nanna, so the markets seemed the best place to test out our idea and get straight to the customer.

We make a delicious selection of gorgeously gooey rich chocolate brownies and white chocolate blondies in a variety of flavours. We are based in the North East, started our business from home where Sarah baked all the brownies and then we would sell at various markets and events across the North East. To start with we focused on the local Sunday market on the Newcastle quayside, and the farmers markets in Newcastle, Durham and back then in Alnwick and Tynemouth. We still trade at the Quayside and the Newcastle Farmers market where we have a lot of regular customers, however our business has certainly grown since then.

I gave up my full time job 20 months ago now which is when we started doing the larger events and markets nationwide – from the BBC good food show, cake and bake show, cake international to foodies festivals to name a few.

We also 2 years ago started selling our brownies into Fenwick food hall after meeting the buyer at an event, and various small independent delis across the North East. Three months ago, we opened our first store in Eldon Garden Shopping centre, Newcastle so we are very proud of where we are today but with lots of plans for the future. (We don’t bake at home any more either, about two years ago we took on our own little bakery workshop).

We will always appreciate the markets we started at, the customers and followers we gained and feedback we received from them. It really benefits us to hear direct from the customers and to learn from other free forex traders experiences.

We’re currently developing our website to improve our online ordering facility to grow this section of our business, and many plans ahead for the future. So without the markets that allowed us to start out, get our products out there and noticed, we wouldn’t be where we are today.