The Teenage Market

The Teenage Market

We love The Teenage Market here at Love Your Local Market and this Saturday 23rd May, the city of Salisbury and the towns of Barnsley, Huddersfield, Sleaford and originator Stockport are all running Teenage Markets as part of the national Love Your Local Market fortnight.

The Teenage Market supports young people by giving young creative traders a free stall to sell their own handmade products and promoting local performers to add a festival feel to the events.

“When we started The Teenage Market in Stockport we couldn’t have believed that three years later the idea would have been taken up by more than twenty towns all over the country,” says 22- year-old Joe Barratt, who developed the market with his art student brother Tom, 20.

“Not only does The Teenage Market help young people to kick start their businesses but it also gets them engaged with their town centre and brings a new vibrancy and excitement to market areas.”

DSC_1369Developed with the help and support of Stockport’s market manager Paul Downs and his team and immediately captured people’s imaginations, becoming an instant hit with young people all over the North West. At the first event, in Stockport Market on April 1st 2012, there were over seventy traders and twenty performers taking part.

The Teenage Market has been supported by the National Association of British Market Authorities and high street campaigner Mary Portas declared it “unique, innovative and inspiring”.

Joe has developed a web portal for The Teenage Market which has over 500 trader and performer profiles and allows market organisers to easily manage their events through the site.

Running a Teenage Market brings with it many added social, cultural and economic benefits to your town and its people, including:

  • Increased footfall, with the event attracting shoppers and visitors of all generations
  • Increased spend in the area, positively affecting the town’s local economy
  • The creative animation of your town centre, through a range of interactive performances
  • New customers and visitors introduced to your town’s market area
  • Increased publicity for your market area through press, radio and online coverage
  • Increased connections created between young traders and established independents.

If you are interested in purchasing a Teenage Market licence, in order to run The Teenage Market in your town and benefit from all our services, please email