The Markets Manifesto is launched

The Markets Manifesto is launched

Today is the launch of a manifesto for markets that aims to address the following areas of concern for retail and wholesale markets in the UK by:

  • Lifting the burden of business rates from markets
  • Make public liability insurance a legal requirement 
  • Protect markets from European red tape

The manifesto is part of Mission for Markets, a campaign run by NABMA and the NMTF, which aims to support managers and traders to compete in the fast-paced retail sector.

During February and March Love Your Local Market joined these two leading trade bodies who had  organised six roadshows across the country, consulting with over 200 professionals within the industry about the six key issues facing the markets industry, as laid out in the Mission for Markets framework.

Delegates discussed the key issues, focusing not only on what markets need to do to survive – but how markets need to change to be able to flourish and prosper.

Joe Harrison, chief executive of the NMTF, said: “It is clear that we need to lift the burden of business rates from markets. Liability for them is patchy at best across the country and many traders are denied the relief they are eligible for because of the current system of assessment.

“Public liability insurance also needs to be a legal requirement for market and street traders, events retailers and mobile caterers. This would protect businesses and the general public if there any accidents – we estimate 10% of traders in the UK don’t have the proper insurance protection.”

The markets manifesto also addresses concerns over European legislation that has the potential to strip local authorities of the power to effectively manage the balance of trade on their markets.

Graham Wilson, chief executive of NABMA, explains: “We need to ensure that the implementation of the European Services Directive does not undermine the essential characteristics of a market. Fundamentally, a market is a retail operation and needs to be treated as such.

“The industry is awaiting guidance from the Government on this matter, which also affects street trading legislation. What we need is the Government to stop tinkering around the edges and fully review the system – we have to meet the demands of modern day trading requirements.”

A survey of the economic impact of markets is also being carried out as part of the Mission for Markets campaign, which addresses both traders and operators of markets.

It is being carried out to demonstrate the economic impact of markets in the UK, which will provide the trade bodies with fresh data to back up their claims for government support and investment.

A website for Mission for Markets accompanies the campaign. Over summer 2015, this will be populated with examples of best practice from markets all over the country – real life examples of success.

A publication will be launched at the NABMA conference in September. Every MP and chief executive and leader of a local authority will receive a hard copy of the document.

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