The Dummies Guide to uploading your Love Your Local Market Event

The Dummies Guide to uploading your Love Your Local Market Event

You’ve heard about Love Your Local Market.  You want to get involved. You want to be part of all the #LYLM2014 activity…but you’re not sure how to load your event properly.  

We are providing an open resource for markets throughout the year but please note that we are only looking for LYLM events at this time.  

All events need to be approved by me ……mwoah ha ha ha ha and we can’t afford for the website to crash, so please keep it to LYLM events for now.  It doesn’t matter if these are outside of the fortnight but they do need to be Love Your Local Market related.

Here we explain everything you need to know about loading your events and market.

Step 1: Follow this link:

Step 2: Event Title – What is your event going to be called?  Can the title be about something you are doing to celebrate LYLM?

Step 3: Event Description – Please include some general details about your market, some history, make it relevant.

Then put in what you are up to for Love Your Local Market.  Why are you taking part?  What do you want to celebrate? Are you looking for new traders?  Are you trying to start a youth element to your market?  Do you have a Cookery Demonstration that day? Put all that stuff in….

DO NOT make this about the whole fortnight if you are celebrating on more than just one day.  Each event needs to be separate but you can set up recurring events but more about that in a minute.

Step 4: Event Categories – Please press the ‘All event categories’ button and then click all the ones that are relevant to your event.

Step 5: Event Image – Most sizes are accepted by the system as long as they are in either jpg, png or gif format.

Step 6: Event Time and Date – Now this is where it gets interesting.  Top Tip – The Custom button on the dropdown menu is your friend.  Is your market on Tues, Wed and Sat?  Then the custom button can set up a recurring event if you then go to the weekly option.  Have a little explore.  It cannot do everything but it can do a lot.  If your events are really random though you will have to enter them individually.

Step 7: Event Location and Details 

REALLY IMPORTANT – Please check out the existing events by clicking the ‘Use new venue; button.  This will display a dropdown menu of all the events that have been downloaded so far.  If your venue is there already then someone else may have registered your event already, so please do not do it again.  

Otherwise we need ALL the details of your venue….but the postcode is the most important.  There is no point ticking the Google Map button if you do not enter the postcode of your market IN FULL!

Then definitely tick the Google Map button!   The other one….not so much!

Step 8:  Organiser Details – This step is not hugely important except for the website link.  Why would you not provide a link to your website at every given opportunity?  So you know….do that bit.

So that’s all folks…The Dummies Guide to loading your LYLM event.  If all of you manage to do all that, then we are going to have a fantastic resource on our hands and a great way for folks to find your market.

Once LYLM is over we can look at your setting up recurring events for your markets throughout the year…but please not yet.  With 3500 events expected it really could crash the site if we try to do everything at once.

After a couple of days look for your event on the site and go to the share buttons at the bottom of your page and tweet and facebook your stuff like crazy!  Woot!

Happy markets fortnight gang