The City of Torino has participated in the International Week of Markets and the Initiative Love Your Local Market with the event called “Cinema al Mercato” last 8 and 9 May, under the roof of the Porta Palazzo farmer market. 
The event was organised by the City of Torino and the Conservatoria delle Cucine Mediterranee in the framework of the CENTRAL MARKETS project. 
It has included the projection of movies about markets with free access for the audience and the organisation of side events dedicated to street food and markets products. 
In particular, during the second evening people had the opportunity to taste food offered by the Conservatoria delle Cucine Mediterranee in collaboration with the Chefs of Torino Association. 
This event has been a great success, recording the participation of hundreds of people every night, aiming also to make people aware that markets are very important places not only economically, but also at a social level. They are meeting places allowing enriching cultural exchanges. 
The City of Torino, in the person of Mr. Domenico Mangone Deputy Mayor for Commerce and Productive Activities, also signed the Manifesto for the Joint Celebration of the International Day of Markets.