Tate Modern Christmas Market seek traders

Tate Modern Christmas Market seek traders

Want to trade at one of the most prestigious Christmas Market in London? 

20th November 2015 – 23rd December 2015

Xmas Markets Ltd will be organizing for the second time a Traditional Christmas Market at
Tate Modern.
Tate Modern is a modern art gallery located in London. It is Britain’s national gallery
of international modern art and forms part of the Tate group. It is the most-visited
modern art gallery in the world, with around 4.7 million visitors per year. Tate holds
the national collection of British art from 1900 to the present day and international
modern and contemporary art.

The closest station is Blackfriars via its new south entrance. Other nearby stations
include Southwark, as well as St Paul’s and Mansion House north of the river which
can be reached via the Millennium Bridge. The lampposts between Southwark tube
station and Tate Modern are painted orange to show pedestrian visitors the route.

There is also the bankside pier just outside the gallery with regular passenger boat
services (commuter service) and the Tate to Tate service, which connects Tate Modern
with Tate Britain. www.thamesclippers.com

The footfall per annum of Tate Modern approx. 4,8 million visitors without a
seasonal event.

The City of London offers a rich historical past combined with a vibrant present day life. It
is a true multicultural city incorporating impressive architecture, a multitude of bars,
restaurants and shopping opportunities alongside an outstanding variety of theatre
performances. Greater London covers 1,584 square kilometres and is one of the richest
cities in Europe. Cost of living may be high but the average salaries reflect this meaning a
high level of disposable income for its inhabitants. It has an employed population of 3.4
million with an additional 300,000 students.

Tate Modern Christmas Market

Dates (subject to planning):  20th November 2015 – 23rd Dec 2015

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 11am
Saturday & Sunday 10am

Closing hours

Sunday to Thursday 9pm
Friday and Saturday 10pm

All chalets shall be fully open and trading to the specified times – otherwise
financial penalties will apply!


£ 1.700,- + VAT per running metre for stall location in Category RED

£ 1.350,- + VAT per running metre for stall location in Category BLUE

£ 950,- + VAT per running metre for stall location in Category YELLOW
Please see below a plan for the stall location and category applying for (first
come, first serve).

N.B Rent for food and drink concessions will be discussed with management.

In order to secure the spot, it is necessary to have a signed contract and a
down payment.

Payment failure will result in loss of the stall position.


£ 195,- + VAT per running metre. (food traders need to contact Xmas Markets)

Electricity is only supplied during the market operating hours.

The required electricity must be supplied in writing and agreed up on by XmasMarkets Ltd.

Electricity is for the lighting of the chalet / agreed upon working tools. No kettles, other individual food heaters or electric heaters may be used.


A copy of your public liability insurance should be supplied with your application

Xmas Markets Ltd. must be supplied with a risk assessment by every trader in advance


  • To be rented from our new carpenter. Xmas Markets Ltd. will provide the contact
    details of the carpenter in due course.
  • If supplied by the trader, all chalets are to be of traditional dark wooden design –
    please send a picture of the chalet. All chalets to be only 2 metres deep.
  • Entrance to chalet should be situated to the side unless agreed otherwise. Door
    position needs to be approved by Xmas Markets Ltd.
  •  Xmas Markets Ltd. does NOT provide chalets.
    Decoration of chalets:

  • The interior should reflect the quality of the goods and conform to the overall
    appearance of the market. Do not forget – your stall is your business card. There is a
    £600.00 penalty charge if the stall is not decorated to the standard specified.
  • 2 nets of ice white light curtains (fairy lights) for the roof, which should cover
    the entire roof. These are to be at least in a size appropriate to the stall size.
  • The front and sides of the chalets should be decorated with fir garlands and
    fairy lights with tasteful accessories.
  • Provisional Set up & Take down dates

    Set up: 12th Nov – 18th Nov

    More detailed information will be sent in October to successful applicants following
    signing of contract and received payment.
    There will be a test run on the 19th of Nov.

    Take down: 24th Dec – 29th Dec
    Detailed information will be provided onsite during the event.
    However site to be cleared by 7pm on the 29th Dec 2015.


    No electric heaters are allowed under any circumstances.

    Food chalets, which require gas, need to inform us as it reflects on the


    Water supplies are in the surrounding areas. Please bring suitable containers with
    you. – No alternative possible!

    Grey water is to be disposed at a designated point. Please ensure all food waste is
    removed prior to disposal. Do not dispose cooking oil in grey water – this should be
    allowed to solidify and be disposed off site in a solid state by the trader to avoid
    blocking the drain.

    Food Handling

    All food traders must:

    • Have Food Hygiene certificates.
    • Have washing up facilities with hot and cold running water.
    • Have a separate hand wash basin with hot and cold running water.
    • Have a sack holder recycling bin with see through rubbish bags.

    It is the responsibility of the stall holder to ensure full compliance with all Health and
    Safety regulations. Please see our website if you require further information and read
    the relevant documents.


  • Security Guards will be in place during the night.
  • Please note this is an open access site throughout the night so you should ensure your chalets are able to be securely locked.
  • Marketing

    From autumn onwards there will be press releases, mailings, advertisement, social
    media activities and much more to newspapers, magazines, travel agencies and tour
    operators within London and nationwide.


    • There will be seasonal background music through the entire duration of the
    • No music is allowed in the stalls itself.

    Congestion Charging Zone/ Low emission Zone

    All vehicles coming on site have to let us know the number plate

    Central London has both a Congestion Charging Zone and Low Emission Zone for
    vehicles and lorries.

    Please visit for further information please visit: www.cclondon.com and



    For further information please contact us:


    Xmas Markets Ltd.
    12 Sandycroft
    Abbey Wood, London

    SE2 0XY
    Tel: 0049-2236 389533
    Fax: 0044-208 181 4825