Stratford-upon-Avon Market

Stratford-upon-Avon Market

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Stratford consists of a Friday General market, a Saturday Craft market with a Farmers’ or Antiques market running alongside in turns. Sundays, from March to Christmas, the area by the river sees a large food and craft market known as the UpMarket.

In 2012 the market operation was put out for tender to ensure best value for the councils and breathe new life into the markets. Geraud UK Ltd and LSD Promotions Ltd, set aside £250K to invest into all market days and relaunched all markets with new equipment, promotion and quality management.

Since being awarded the contract, the partnership has; increased the footprint of the market, raising the number of stalls; improved the visual quality of the market; increased the number of market days; brought new energy into the markets, boosting trader relations; engendered a partnership with senior council representatives to develop innovative ideas; introduced discounted trial incentives to encourage new traders and; reduced waste going to landfill.


The partnership between the two operators and the two Councils created a powerful support team for the markets. Top level investment from the operators into state of the art equipment, serious promotion and top quality management, generated a surge of trader confidence in all the markets in the town. This was the key to encouraging traders to provide first class displays, customer service and friendly attitude to the customers coming in to investigate the new look markets.

The strategy worked, attracting new traders who were hearing good news from Stratford on the grapevine. The Market of the Year judges were no doubt attracted by our highly colourful stalls, in addition to the atmosphere on our markets. This is how game of poker which can ebe played online works where you have to focus as shown in this top online poker sites. Behind the scenes, our highly organised management team deal with every aspect of the operation and meet regularly with a forum group of stakeholders to assess, plan and ensure not one aspect of our success slips backwards in any way.