Stockton Market

Stockton Market

Looking back on Love Your Local Market fortnight in 2016, we caught up with Richard Beddard from Stockton Market to find out what they got up to.


The LYLM event was widely publicized on all forms over social media from both the Stockton Council accounts and Rediscover Stockton.  The online activity was backed up by publications in the Stockton news, Thornaby Pride and Billingham community papers as well as a getting editorial space in the Evening Gazette which is the local paper for the north east.

Working with the local community we supplied space on the event day to a youth enterprise award winner who attended the market in a gazebo supplied by the council. They had a great days trading and made a fairly hefty profit. Job done!

At Stockton, there have been some great and historic debuts over the years. Stockton Market made its official debut in 1310 with a charter to market every Wednesday forever. Locomotion No.1, the Stockton Flyer, magnificently set out and arrived in Stockton on 27th September 1825. It was the first steam train ever to run on a public railway and was an historic debut.  However, on May 28th May 2016, there was a slightly different debutant to grace Stockton and its iconic & historic market. Cue Daisy, who is arguably the largest duck in the north east, definitely Stockton and she was paraded out to mascot Stockton’s LYLM market event.

Not only did Daisy stand proud in the centre of Stockton market for the day, she was backed up with her own hook a duck stand, watching over 60 of her offspring who, when hooked, gave out prizes of £5, £10, and £20 market vouchers which proved to be a massive hit with punters. Daisy wasn’t alone though, firstly, Spiderman came out and jumped, joked and danced his way round the market, handing out special tickets for the locals to have their go on hook a duck, offering them the chance to grab the market vouchers.

After Spiderman had done his bit, we had three princesses, Belle, Snow White and Ariel who floated round the market, smiling and greeting the kids with opportunity for everyone to grab a selfie with them. They had a following of kids akin to the Pied Piper. There were 2 free face painters who never stopped for a minute and even the grown up’s were getting their faces painted.

This was the biggest event Stockton Market has held for many a year and, as you’ll see by the photos, it was a great success enjoyed by both the public and market traders. The Town was full and this will be another debut to go down in Stockton Folklore.