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In 2014 Love Your Local Market made a commitment to central government to enable 100 youth markets to start up across the country.  Delivery partners include the National Market Traders Federation (NMTF) who organise the annual National Youth Market in Manchester and The Teenage Market, whose licensed brand has been successfully delivered in over 25 locations.




The average of the market shoppers and traders in the UK and indeed, across Europe is 65.  In order to be relevant for the next generation market operators need to embrace young people and provide a space where they feel welcome and can express themselves.


Hosting a market specifically for young people provides an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to trade in the heart of their community, often free of charge.  The added inclusion of young performers to these events provides an influx of energy, creativity and diversity, helping to breath new life into towns and city centres.


Providing pathways for millennials to be entrepreneurial and offering support on how to sell products can empower young people who might never thought of setting up their own business.  The resurgence of the craft movement provides a creative and visually appealing draw but there are just as many young people out there who could design an app for local businesses or create a website, so providing a space where skills can be showcased is just as important as selling on the day.


Youth markets are now regular events in many towns and cities, with over 100 taking place annually.  If you think you would like to host a youth market in your town, get in touch and we will reach out to our extensive network of over 1200 market operators to get you set up.