Salisbury Teenage Market

About This Project

The first market operator in the country to adopt the Teenage Market licence, Salisbury now have over 100 traders on their books and have seen many young people go on to trade on their Charter Market.

How they went about it:

  • We visited Joe Barrett in Stockport and had a look around the Teenage Market that was taking place there.
  • Got the backing of City Councillors
  • Arranged for SCC to cover Public and Product liability for all traders, we feel this is really important as this removes one of the barriers that prevents young people taking part in other markets
  • Spoke with local authority to ensure that those selling baked goods would be ok to do so.
  • Put together some easy to follow guidelines for those who were selling homemade food
  • Created a large publicity campaign to garner initial interest.
  • Worked with local college to engage students
  • Provided professional stage and sound equipment for performers.


Young people sign up to trade on Teenage Markets for a number of reasons, but a common theme that seems to get young people into trading is saving some money for a school trip.  This years Teenage Market intake in Salisbury is no exception and a young person is fundraising for a school mission trip to Kenya in 2017 where they will be teaching and running community projects and another trader is raising money for a trip to America to see the Solar Eclipse.


The markets are held throughout the year, often quarterly and among the last traders at Salisbury was; Kelly (17) who makes and sells crocheted animals and figures; Matthew (14) upcycled gifts; Maya (16) Tie dye t shirts; Annake (18) Patisserie; Eleanor (15) cupcakes biscuits and treats and; Zac (15) Art graffiti designs.

Feedback includes:

  • Taught me how to trade and develop my business plus I have learned how to approach people
  • Gives me a better idea of people’s interest which helps me achieve my goal of a crafting business
  • This provides me with a fundraising opportunity whilst doing the things I love
  • This has increased my confidence to do future events
  • This gives me a better understanding of business e.g. stock and sales strategy, pricing, and how to sell
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