Cambridge Youth Market

Youth Markets
About This Project

As part of the Cambridge Love Your Local Market celebrations, the City Council decided to offer youths aged between 16 – 21 years old the opportunity to trade for free on our market.

The best traders were rewarded with shopping vouchers and offered to be put forward to the National Youth Market in Manchester later that year. We contacted local schools, colleges and universities by targeting their careers department, via telephone, email, social media, radio and good old fashioned posters.

We were delighted by the response and initially oversubscribed, unfortunately due to the weather on the said date the turnout was not as high as we had hoped, however we were delighted that a number did brave the elements and in fact one trader sold out of all her vegan waffles.

We felt it was important to showcase the market to the youth of today to give them an idea of what is possible and how markets are a great opportunity to get your foot on the ladder in terms of starting your own business and to see if there is an appetite for your product. We’re keen to revisit the idea this year and feel by incorporating a youth element to our night market we might have increased engagement – apparently teenagers don’t like early mornings.