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Online Training Program for NZ Police Recruitment Physical Appraisal Test (PAT)

Central Auckland City CBD: Steve Buckley, former NZ Breakers Head Strength & Conditioning Coach has launched an online programme for those who need to pass the New Zealand Police Fitness test

Personalised online fitness programmes give you the benefit of one-on-one personal training with an industry expert at minimal expense, no travel and without requiring a gym membership. https://stevebuckley.co.nz/strength-conditioning-specialist/

Steve also offers performance testing for bench marking athletes, one on one personal training at a high-end facility in Auckland CBD and corporate wellness programmes. During the first Covid-19 lockdown in NZ Steve saw people lose access to their gyms and turned to online fitness programs using resistance bands and body weight.

The New Zealand Police Physical Appraisal Test focusses on running, push-ups, vertical jump, and grip strength. Despite consistency in the test everyone differs in strength, fitness, technique, and speed. That is where Steve’s online personal training programmes also differ from a training manual, fitness app or online video course. Steve designs and oversees each programme himself. He is accessible to his clients and personally monitors and guides each individual. More details about the online programme can be found here https://finance.yahoo.com/news/personal-trainer-auckland-strength-conditioning-063000160.html

Many people found that because fitness apps and generic courses are cookie cutter the work out sessions are not specifically targeted to their goals and capabilities so often, they didn’t meet their targets. Technique, information overload and a lack of accountability is also missing without one-on-one guidance.

Steve Buckley’s online personal training programmes appeal to those who don’t want to join a gym and to gym members who want to make the most of their facility without the expense of an inhouse personal trainer. As Steve specialises in elite athletes and strength and conditioning his programmes are suitable for anyone training for a specific sport, event, test or recovering from injury.

Steve is well known in NZ’s sporting community. He has coached athletes leading up to multiple Olympic and Commonwealth Games and New Zealand rep teams.

Those interested can talk to Steve on the phone or Zoom so he can understand your current levels of fitness and strength, previous injuries, or medical conditions. He then uses this information to build a training plan targeted to your goal of passing the Physical Appraisal Test.

Your training programme is loaded to an online platform which shows example videos and allows Steve to follow your progress. Steve creates a progressive training plan over a four-to-six-week period to ensure you start at your level and improve steadily each week. You can track your progress in the online platform so you can see all your micro improvements as you progress. These serve as additional motivators and reinforcers for you. Alternatively, if you’re in Auckland you can see Steve for in person for strength and conditioning training. More info is available here https://stevebuckley.co.nz/

Contact Info:
Name: Steve Buckley
Email: Send Email
Organization: Steve Buckley Personal Trainer
Address: 64 Cook Street, CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Phone: +64-27-339-8398
Website: https://stevebuckley.co.nz/

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