One of the first of this years Love Your Local Market has proved an enormous success for a market in the heart of London.

Queens Crescent Market took to having an early Love Your Local Market event by holding their Spring Fair on Saturday 26th April.  Sima Awad from the Queens Crescent Community Centre (QCCA), who overtook operating the market from their local authority Camden Council in 2013 felt that the fair ‘went extremely well. One of our aims is to make the market bigger and better.  Out of the new stalls we had on the day, six have requested to come back on a regular basis.“

The QCCA have also supplied Love Your Local Market with the following inspirational facts about the market and all the great work they have been doing there to support the local business community and ensure a new generation of traders on the market:

Interesting facts from Queen’s Crescent Market

Love Your Local Market 2014 Spring Fair:

  • When QCCA took over the management of QC Market the number of regular traders in March 2013 = 22
  • Number of regular traders now in April 2014 = 40
  • We have held 3 large scale events during this time and we see a boost in the number of traders wanting to come back after every event 
  • 6 have requested to come back after the Spring Fair 2 weeks ago 

Entrepreneurship programme facts:

  • Candidates are screened and sent to us from the local Job Centre Plus
  • Pilot course December 2013 – 9 candidates completed the course, 4 now trading successfully and have signed off JSA
  • March 2014 – 14 completed, 2 already trading, 5 expected to sign off JSA by end May.  Maybe too early to tell but the current success rate is approximately 50%

Next course starts 9th June – who’s joining us?

An inspirational story indeed and more confirmation, as if we needed it here at LYLM HQ of how important markets are to the lifeblood of communities across the UK…in so many ways!

Well done to the team over at QCCA!