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New Exeter Restaurant to Open in Summer 2021

The Ivy is a new restaurant that is set to open in Exeter in the summer 2021. The London based chain of fine dining restaurants, which started in Covent Garden back in 1986, will be expanding into the heart of the UK in the form of a new eatery in London’s Docklands. The company behind the venture is the British company Troika Limited, which is one of the largest food manufacturers in the world. The company also has branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. It started in the UK because of a vision for “transforming the way people experience cuisine.” As part of that vision, Troika London hopes to launch The Ivy in June or July, in what will mark the second busiest season for a new eatery in London in half a century.

The Ivy is part of the London branding of Troika and is expected to bring “exquisite cuisine with a passion,” according to a release from the company. The concept is similar to the old, up-market restaurants that dotted the London streets around Hyde Park. However, the all-day dining establishment will not be focused on offering traditional British cuisine, but rather feature gourmet cooking from around the world, including some of the finest cuisine in Paris, as well as Italy, Berlin, and Tokyo. The brand is looking forward to hosting dinners with themes like “gourmet in London” and “world fusion.”

The company is also planning several other themed dinners and special events, including a wine tasting party, as well as a “farewell party,” according to the company. The company is also developing additional projects in London, including a coffee shop and a small bakery. The Ivy restaurant is set to open in Exeter  in summer 2021 and will continue to explore new dining opportunities in London and abroad.

The restaurant will join the growing number of restaurants, pubs, and bars that are located within the Exeter, which is also home to the world famous Exeter Cathedral. “The timing is right for us at this point in time to be able to launch this new up-market restaurant,” said Peter Rice, chief executive of Troika International. “It complements what we’re doing in the capital, as we’re focusing on providing a great range of complementary retail services and venues. The establishment of an up-market restaurant in the heart of Exeter Village will add a significant number of new jobs to the area.”

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