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We love a local market here at Meals in Fields and that’s why we are delighted to have hooked up with our friends at Love Your Local Market HQ to help bring you news, events and recipes from local markets, farmers’ market, farm shop or an independent high street shop while you are out an about.  We are here to help you find fresh local produce, and once you have bought your local food, we have hundreds of recipe ideas to help you get the best from your purchase.

The best fresh food is produced and sold locally, keeping money in the local economy and boosting the small family businesses involved in the chain from field to plate.  To help you to play your part in buying that food, we have arranged our information by county, so whether you at home or on holiday you can treat yourself to the best Britain has to offer.  All the outlets in our Where to Shop section have been recommended by their own customers, so you can rely on local knowledge right across the UK.  Why not recommend your favourites?

To find a market go to the Why Visit pages.  This is a new work in progress, so please, let us know where and when your favourite market or farmers’ market happens and we will add it to our lists – on your recommendation.

Our recipe section contains around three hundred recipes, all of which are simple to cook and use only fresh local ingredients.  The section began life as a resource for people new to caravanning and tent camping holidays in an effort to encourage them away from the inevitable and traditional stock of rusting tins held in the bowels of the caravan.  The recipes have proved very popular and visitors to are welcome to add their own ideas to the store.

We are here to help everyone, whatever their age and wherever they live to enjoy fresh locally produced food.

With your help and support we will keep our local markets alive as a vital heart to our towns and villages.

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