Markets in 17 Countries Unite for Love Your Local Market

Markets in 17 Countries Unite for Love Your Local Market

Over 2,000 retail and wholesale markets from 16 countries will come together to celebrate the positive contribution local markets offer their communities and customers, celebrating ‘Love Your Local Market’ 2015.


Participating countries include markets in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Serbia, Hong Kong, the USA and Canada. As a result of the LYLM 2015 success, it is expected that LYLM will be an annual event in the global market calendar.

The public celebration is a fun occasion for people from all ages and walks of life to celebrate the local markets in their communities. Participating markets will offer prize giveaways, competitions, public workshops, seminars, food tastings, product deals, local entertainment, arts, craft and displays, and even cinema, in a variety of actions and activities throughout the month of May – if you have a video depicting what it is you love about your local market why not enter the UK’s Video Competition and win a £200 prize.

While many countries will also promote a local or national message, the international slogan for LYLM 2015 is: Markets Save, Markets Create! The international LYLM 2015 campaign will highlight the role that markets play in saving SMEs, the environment, tradition, culture, food and money; as well as the benefits markets provide in creating jobs, small business, fun, excitement, community, and opportunities to buy fresh, healthy food at affordable prices.

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Brixton Market in London, yesterday (30th April 2015) hosted the pre-launch of the 2015 LYLM campaign in the Council Chamber of the Lambeth Town Hall, in collaboration with Groupe Geraud, the main sponsors of the UK campaign. It is an appropriate venue as ‘LYLM’ is originally a UK initiative launched by the National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA) in 2011 and has received invaluable support from the UK Government. Due to the success of LYLM in the UK, the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) was invited to support the development of an international campaign, and open the doors for the first world-wide market celebration of its kind.

Attending this international pre-launch of LYLM 2015 were a number of markets and national market associations within Europe, including the UK, France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Greece and the Netherlands, who signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). LYLM will not only include public retail markets, but wholesale markets also have an important part to play in the campaign, with many offering promotional and marketing support of the event.

NABMA President Cllr. Mike Barker signing the Worldwide #LYLM2015 Memorandum of Understanding IMG_7223 IMG_7229 IMG_7251

You can get all the latest news about the European and worldwide campaign on WUWM’s Twitter stream @WUWMarkets and Facebook and link to many participating country and market social media sites including #LYLM2015 which already enjoys some 11,000 followers.

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