Market & Event footage for promotional video!

Market & Event footage for promotional video!

We need your help! We know you guys got up to some very awesome and amazing things for national markets fortnight and we are wondering if you managed to capture it?

It doesn’t have to be dead slick and professional…that’s what the fab Steve Pickering from Warrington markets is going to do.

Did you capture it on your iphone or ipad? Maybe the local college or Uni students recorded on the day…..did local TV make an appearance. Can you get the footage off them? Or better yet you commissioned some yourself.

We all know that a picture can say a thousand words….well videos do more than that and they can also cross language barriers.

In September alongside the NABMA (National Association of British Market Authorities) annual Conference, London shall also be hosting the WUWM (World Union of Wholesale Markets) Conference…..and these guys are going to want to know all about Love Your Local Market.

This year five European Countries signed up to participate in LYLM with more following suit for 2015…..the appetite to adopt this very British initiative is taking off and your videos could be just what we need to demonstrate how unique, vibrant and innovative the UK Markets Industry can be.

Now Mr Pickering has already had me alongside robots for this, as well as being shot in the head ( and very nearly deafened) by pirates, doing some filming already….so please don’t let it be in vain.

You can contact Steve to either send him YouTube links, a USB stick or whatever other ways you can get the footage to him by email: