It’s #LYLM2015 a go-go in Greece

It’s #LYLM2015 a go-go in Greece

Major events are being planned across Greece to celebrate the international Love Your Local Market with many more central markets and fisheries organising installations to illustrate the importance of markets to communities and the economy.

Planned events include, radio spots, Markets and Fisheries branding, merchandising (t-shirts, jockey cap, bags, silicon bracelets), press releases (pre-publicity, post publicity), posters, banners, LYLM branding in the area, as well as video teasers.

The central markets are planning the following:

Monastery nutrition exhibition – Traditional Practices / Timeless values from “The Museum of Greek Gastronomy”

  • Educational programs about the importance of proper nutrition for schools/students (primary school)
  • Graffiti event
  • Traditional products and tastings’ events
  • Live cooking with famous Greek (TV) chef
  • Food bloggers live cooking
  • Instagram contest
  • DJ sets
  • Food truck street food for the visitors

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.34.40

While the fish markets in Piraeus, Chalkida and Chania that are so important to the Greek economy are planning the following:

  • Cooking with local societies
  • Cooking with undergraduate students from the Greek School of Tourism
  • Live music events
  • Guided tours of schools and students
  • Japanese chef cooking sushi with fresh fish
  • Educational programs for primary school children in relation to the proper nutrition

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.36.01

We love the interpretation of the Love Your Local Market logo into a fish that can be seen below….

The Greek website for ‘Love Your Local Market (LYLM)’ is: and a link also with the Central Market website:

Instagram: lylmgreece (#lylm2015)