It’s an exciting time for markets at the moment.  The Love Your Local Market campaign, now in it’s third year is showing few signs of the public interest wavering….because we’re all about local, and finally the locality of our food and products is what people want to know about.

The Grocer put out an article in early September, exemplifying clear examples of how markets are making a comeback, citing everything from large-scale investment in their infrastructure across the UK to grassroots examples of community engagement.  Following quickly on the heels of this, came an article in The Independent where the interest was very much around the youth movement sweeping into our British Markets, led in part by the Barratt Bros. who pioneered The Teenage Market – a licensed product that engages the young at a grassroots level….online.

We are always keen here at Love Your Local Market Towers, that markets promote themselves year round, and should the articles quoted above be useful in engaging with your local press, or as a means to justify investment in markets in your area….we would love you to use them.  

Go on…let everyone know that you Love Your Local Market!

Mrs M.