Have you got a Market Success Story?

Have you got a Market Success Story?

There are an army of you talented folks out there on the markets and we thought in the run-up to Love Your Local Market 2014 – which is this year between 14th – 28th May just in case you haven’t put it in your diaries yet – we would love to showcase the success stories that come from the UK Markets industry. 

So please send us your stories…..why did you want to start your career in a market?  What market or markets did you choose and why?  What was your progression?  Did you start of working for someone else, then start-up your own business?  Do you sell online alongside your market business?  We would like you to think about all these questions and more within four simple areas, and you don’t have to be a market trader anymore to tell us all about your business. 

So in no more than 200 words per section can you tell us: 

Who you are? 

What your business is? 

Where you trade ..…physically and virtually?

Why you have a passion for your business and where has that passion taken you to today?

We’re really looking forward to hearing all about your businesses and have dedicated a section of the new website to featuring them ….. and may even select some to feature in national press releases, with your permission.  

Please send your answers to Love Your Local Market Manager Ellie Gill: ellie@loveyourlocalmarket.org.uk