From junk to retro funk

From junk to retro funk

As.beauAsBeau has long since been a hobby of mine, founded back in 2003 when my daughter was a baby. It was an outlet for my creative streak and a welcome windfall every now and then when I attended little craft fairs.[space]

As my range grew and I needed to sell more to justify buying more supplies, so I started trading on eBay.  But I missed face to face contact with customers. Because I handcraft things each item is a treasured article, and it is so special to see where it is going and who it will belong to. Sounds daft but any crafter will understand! My ‘hobby’ was fast getting out of hand and taking over my dining room and the more successful online sales were, the more I wondered about the future of my business.

We were out shopping one day in Trowbridge and we stumbled across the indoor market at Castle Place. There were adverts up for stalls to let and the terms were ideal. An indoor market stall is a low commitment ‘toe in the water’, while also a permanent base for stock, meaning you get your house back! We only had to pay a weeks rent up front, and needed to give a weeks notice if we wished to leave. We traded there for 6 months before we took the plunge and took on our shop in St Georges Works off Silver Street in Trowbridge. The shop also has a work room and my husband has since come in on the business too, so it really is moving forward.

I would recommend a market stall to anyone as a step up into the world of retail, I learnt so much from my time there and it gave me the confidence to take things to the next level. For more info about our business please visit our facebook page –

Kathryn Hipkiss

AsBeAu’s Proprietor, Housewife and Mum of Four! 😉