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Exeter's Brand new 'Car Themed' Barber Shop Opens

Dahhan’s barbers is a family based business that aims to become something of a phenomenon in the hairdressing industry.

Currently, there are so many barber shops operating in the Exeter area that a new business to startup in this sector will have a challenge unless they attempt to do something different and unique.

This is exactly what 23-year-old car enthusiast Sami Dahhan has done. Sami has set up his barbershop with a “car theme”. The shop is a concept business where customers come in and everything around them is based around cars.

The hairdressing stations are made up of car bonnets which is a big difference from the former beauty shop called Sally’s.

The business is an old fashion family business where everyone in the family has a role in making the business work. It is a refreshing return to Good old values. Even mom is running the beauty room.

Sami moved to Exeter from Romania in 2017. Prior to his move, he used to cut hair at home. He finished his barbers course just before moving to Exeter. Sami had a dream to open his own barbershop, however, when he moved to Exeter, he started working at BMW. The job wasn’t for him so he decided to go back to barbering once again, only this time, to do it for himself.

The barbershop is located at the back of Exeter’s student accommodation. It is not the best location, but the theme and difference that the barbers makes could see the business thrive.

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