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Exeter College is Proud to Sponsor City Business Awards

We at Exeter College are proud to sponsor the City of Exeter Business Awards in order to acknowledge and reward the many great small businesses in our community proudly supports. Exeter has been a very diverse city for its entire existence. Once a humble mining town, it has developed into a cosmopolitan college town. Many of our students attend one of the many colleges or technical schools located in Exeter. This diversity makes Exeter a great place for businesses to thrive and create jobs for many local students. A portion of each winning business’s award proceeds benefit Exeter College.

Exeter College is currently sponsoring three business awards events this coming October to recognize those businesses that make a difference in the lives of others. In previous years, Exeter has sponsored three Great Places To Work in Exeter Program Awards, which honors those companies and students that have made a difference in the community through their business activities. These are awards recognizing excellence in the workplace for employees and students.

We are also proud to sponsor the annual GEO Business Awards, which honors the excellence in business practices, leadership, and innovation that are exhibited by companies from throughout the city. These companies will be chosen from a pool of applicants that have established excellence in their fields of operation. Students from Exeter College and those from the other colleges in Exeter are encouraged to apply for these awards. They not only have the opportunity to receive stellar grades, but will demonstrate their community spirit during the process.

Many students are unfamiliar with the types of businesses that present awards at these events. There are several categories and a number of different types of awardees. The most common categories are those that have created positive impacts on the community, such as contributing to the economic well being of a city, or providing exemplary service to those in need. There are also categories that recognize businesses that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, or those that have sponsored or promoted environmental efforts, as well as providing green space for use by local citizens and businesses. In addition, some awards honor businesses that have provided scholarships or fellowships to those who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement.

While the majority of Exeter College students who are involved in these types of honors and awards are involved in the academic community, this does not mean that the University is not proud to sponsor similar events. Exeter is proud to sponsor city business awards events that recognize both small and large business owners. In past years, these events have honored small business leaders and corporations that have been dedicated to making the community better.

At Exeter College, we believe in rewarding those individuals and groups who contribute to making the community a better place to live. We recognize the valuable contributions that business owners make in creating a more positive and vibrant economy for all. We are pleased to sponsor a variety of awardees that exhibit unique business and leadership skills. The students who participate will work closely with the awardees to recognize their business acumen and train them in marketing and networking skills that will prove beneficial in their future endeavors. These students will then turn those skills not only into moneymaking successes but into invaluable skills that they can use to effectively serve the community twenty-five years down the road.

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