Exeter Christmas Market

Exeter Christmas Market

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Market Place Europe has operated Exeter Christmas market for two years. Located in the stunning setting of Exeter Cathedral Green, the Christmas market is very picturesque. The market had over 70 stalls with an excellent variety of produce and products from the continent to the many local traders from the Devon area.

The market operates over four weeks and supports the Christmas promotional campaign for Exeter. The market is clearly a draw, attracting almost 1,000,000 visitors from a wide radius. In addition to operating the market, Market Place also partnered the local media, universities and tourism agencies to maximise interest.

School children were invited to receive free educational tours and social media competitions were launched to invite greater public contributions. The market proved a huge success with over 90% of the traders announcing their return for the third year.


In operating the Christmas market Market Place are in a unique situation where their primary partner is the Cathedral. The market is held in an extremely sensitive area with many traditionalists initially strongly opposing the market. The management have to work in a very confined area and have to adopt a tight time regime for the installation and erection of the market village and set up times for traders.

Organisation is key and the neighbouring shops now welcome the market as it brings huge additional footfall to the area. The Cathedral also host a chalet within the market and they too raise awareness of the cathedral selling itemised gifts and discounted cathedral tours.

The market achieves a balance of commerciality while also incorporating the ethos of the cathedral. The market is opened by the Cathedral’s cloisters and a nativity play is held during market hours with public interaction.