Enterprise Rockers

Enterprise Rockers

Enterprise RockersEnterprise Rockers is a free to join, independently owned Community Interest Company working to make life better for micro business owners – those that employ between 0 & 9 members of staff, not only for the 4.5 million owners in the UK but across the world.

Founded by Tony Robinson OBE and Tina Boden in 2012, a year later thousands of micro business owners have joined the band benefiting from making life better for micro business by:

  • Encouraging micro enterprise owners to trade or collaborate together
  • Ensuring micro business owners get the support they need from current or former micro business owners giving them the skills to survive and thrive
  • Encouraging the nation to return to buying goods from independent retailers
  • Promoting self-employment as a great form of employment
  • Ensuring life in micro business is enjoyable

For market traders, Enterprise Rockers provides an invaluable source of support not just when starting out but in keeping going and ensuring businesses survive and thrive.

To find out more and benefit from free Enterprise Rockers support visit www.enterpriserockers.co.uk