Deeney’s | Trader in the Spotlight

Deeney’s | Trader in the Spotlight

Deeney’s was founded in the Summer of 2012 by Carol and Paddy and is a great example of how starting out on a market stall can lead onto great things.


Carol was born and bred in a Scottish café and has spent her whole life cooking tasty food for the people around her. So she packed in the 9 to 5 office life and now does what she loves, full time.  Deeney’s mixes classic toastie combinations with all the things she loves from her hometown of Aberdeen including spicy haggis! Described as London’s best new sandwich by the Evening Standard, Carol’s creation of ‘The Macbeth’ haggis toastie has made quite a name for itself.

Following her success at various London markets, Carol recently took the next step and founded her own bricks and mortar café in Leyton located on 330 Leyton High Road, London, E10 5PW Her advice to other trader entrepreneurs is to

“focus on a product that you are passionate about and believe in. I really enjoy selling my haggis because it is from my homeland.  Growing a startup is hard work but if you love your product you don’t mind!”

Find out more about Carol and other fantastic traders on Shepherds Markets by visiting their website