Dear Colleague


As you will be aware, NABMA has been undertaking a benchmarking survey of the UK’s Retail Markets since 2011 which Krys Zasada, NABMA’s Policy Development Manager circulated and prepared members with an annual report. 

NABMA wishes to continue the excellent work that Krys supported as a fitting tribute and we ask for your help in completing the survey, or arranging for one of your colleagues to complete.  Colin Wolstenholme, Markets Manager at Bradford has created an online survey (see link at the end of the email) which will make it easier for members to respond.  For those members with only one retail market then the survey will take less than five minutes to complete.  

The survey replicates the paper version and compares your market’s performance in March 2013 with March 2014 against 9 core performance measures. When you complete and submit the survey the information will be automatically sent to Colin who has agreed to prepare a detailed report on the findings, which will be benchmarked against previous years. We will provide Members will a copy of the report in due course.

This research work is extremely important in order to gauge the performance of our retail markets across the UK and therefore we encourage members to complete as honest as possible even if the market performance is declining. The information that you will be provided will be kept in strict confidence and will not be provided to any third party. . 

It would be helpful if you can complete the survey by the end of August, however, we will send out reminders as we appreciate that we are in the middle of the busy holiday season.   

The link to the survey is

Yours sincerely