Christmas Markets 2014

Christmas Markets 2014

From Exeter to Edinburgh, the Christmas Market is now a familiar sight in Englands towns and cities, boosting economic activity in a number of ways.


They have become important generators of retail turnover at a time of year when some towns would expect to lose visitors and trade to out-of-town competitors. ROI Team who’s report ‘Christmas Market – bringing market alive for new supporters’, commissioned by NABMA, estimates that in the 2014 season, Christmas Markets generated more than £250m in visitor spend for the towns that host them.

The report also found Christmas Markets to be bringing historic supporter types back into markets. For example customer surveys carried out as part of these studies suggest a regrowth of types such as young people & students; family groups; and work colleague groups.

Well configured, well-managed Christmas Markets are shown to bring commercial benefits right across their host towns, not just to the markets themselves with spend in the town markedly higher than spend in the market.

To see the full report go to:  Christmas Market – bringing market alive for new supporters