Brixton Village and Market Row

Brixton Village and Market Row

Operating at around 100% occupancy with 108 stalls, this daily market is a thriving community space in the heart of South London.


Q: So what new start opportunities are there at Brixton Market Village and Row?
We offer prospective traders the opportunity to be independent in a community market. We offer an initial free period to let the trader decorate and make the space their own. We have a wonderful management and security team. Our traders are really supportive of each other and have put together a great website

Q: Is social media important to your organisation and do you use it? 
The traders website is a brilliant tool as it is linked to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr pages. At present we have a following of 35k which is rising daily. Recently we won a #TimeOutLondon #LoveLondonAwards2015 as best shops in Brixton…this was supported with a strategic social media campaign.

Q: What examples of innovation can you share with us? 
Late night shopping for all shops not only restaurants which is free for the boutiques shop as an incentive to keep them open with the already busy restaurants. We have created a Google Maps tour of the markets.

Q: How do you promote links with the local community? 
The market has a strong following for the last 30 years a lot of families for generations have used our markets and they sit perfectly with the new customers that love to have a coffee and a burger. The community saved the markets from demolition and have given new traders the opportunity to thrive.
Take a look at the traders website for the history and how we are a huge part of our community

Q: Can you tell us a bit about working with local partners? 
The partnership between the traders and the management is a special one. We hold a clinic once a month so that everyone has an opportunity to give ideas and opinions that will make Brixton Village and Market Row even better!

Q: Anything else?
We are a community. This community is passionate about Brixton Village and Market Row. We all that is the customers, traders, management and council work tirelessly to make the experience of visiting us fantastic. We are now on the map of tourist places to visit and very proud of our appeal to everyone.