Bringing Your Local Market into the 21st Century

Bringing Your Local Market into the 21st Century , the online Market delivery service, has recently celebrated its 1st birthday

The service, the idea of Dave Fisher a shop owner from West Yorkshire, was originally trialled at Todmorden Market before launching from Todmorden and Leeds Kirkgate Market in September 2013. It now also runs from Halifax Borough market and there are plans to expand the service further in the next few months.

It is a unique website where the public can shop at their local market even if they cant get there. They can shop, book a delivery slot and pay, all online and 24 hours a day.

John Walker, Head of Calderdale Markets says “MarketDelivered enables markets to compete with supermarkets online and enables the customer to get the quality and value of their local market delivered to their door retaining  money within their local community and allowing them to shop from traders they know and trust and they can be confident of where their food comes from.”

Every market has its own site and homepage and every trader has its own page within the site, with a background to their business, contact details, location, opening hours and details of all products available.

Start-up costs for Markets and Traders are minimal. Dave does all the work. He negotiates price, comes and take photos and add the products to your own shop on the website. The only charge at that stage is for travel and subsistence.

The only time he actually makes money is when he sells something for the trader. The customer pays a £2.99 delivery fee and he takes a percentage of the money he makes for the trader.

In its first full year MarketDelivered has taken over 1400 orders and generated an extra £35k turnover for local market traders.

Not that its been plain sailing. Its something new. Traders can be “a bit skeptical” when asked if they want to be involved, with one trader at Leeds Market remarking “We don’t do the internet here”! But once they get involved they quickly see the benefits.

Andrew Clough, owner of Whitakers Eggs on Leeds market says “People want to get to the market but with the issues with parking in the city centre and convenience, this is bringing the quality to your door – it’s got to be a winner.”

And Mattt Brake of Neils Fruit and Veg agrees and adds ““It’s helping to bring the market into the digital age.”

And its not just the traders that can see the benefits. “We have tweets and messages from our happy customers everyday so we know that they are pleased with the service and that they love to interact with us” says Dave.

  • One customer, Lianne Mease writes” “My family and I love MarketDelivered. We have always shopped at the markets, but as I cycle or walk, having a week’s worth of gorgeous groceries delivered for just £20 instead of making several small trips has made such a difference to us. The quality is fantastic, there’s a great range of seasonal variations and the service is excellent. Thank you so much Dave!”


The website is capable of adding extra markets and traders to eventually expand the delivery service throughout the UK offering a viable alternative to online supermarkets

So, what does the future hold for MarketDelivered? “Its still early days” says Dave “but already I can see that there is a need for the service. Wouldn’t it be great if, one day, wherever you live in the country, you could go to MarketDelivered and order your groceries delivered from your local market?”

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