Barnsley Market

Barnsley Market

The LYLM event with a beach and so much more……

Q: So what new start opportunities are there at Barnsley Market

Running alongside the beach event we held a number of specialist markets, fashion, food and drink, craft. In order to support our existing traders who have been effected by the loss of footfall through the demolition works on the adjacent site, we offered stalls at just £10, for new traders the price was just £15 and for established traders not currently standing on our markets it was £20. The event was extensively covered on social media and traders featured in our weekly newsletter which has a circulation of nearly 2,000.

Q: Is social media important to your organisation and do you use it?

Facebook and social media are integral to our events, we find it is the best media for promotion. Customers are encouraged to post photos and share information, indeed some of the best images from the event were taken by our customers. Many of our posts hit over 1,000 interactions and were re-posted and shared. Feedback was received via this media from all over the UK.

Q: What examples of innovation can you share with us? 

The events program in itself is innovative, 4 major events across the year to encourage footfall into the markets throughout the redevelopment of the complex all branded with the LYLM theme. Each event is supported by a high quality magazine featuring goods from our market traders linked to the event theme, for example fashion for the beach event. The middle pages are all about the event, this is followed by a feature on farm to fork featuring one of our food traders and a linked town center restaurant who he/she supplies with local produce. The back page then features the next event in the calendar.
The events are themed to include a specialist market highlighting our existing traders and encouraging new, each event has a teenage market and community support from schools and local charities.

Q: How do you promote links with the local community? 

The magazine is distributed locally and the design and content used to create a 4 page wrap for the local paper to promote the event. We work with local community groups to feature bands and choirs in our entertainment program. The social media channels of the local paper, community groups, etc and used to promote the event and highlight traders and entertainment times.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about working with local partners?

We work with the NMTF to promote the event, they jointly fund advertisements in the local paper. We also work closely with our local Economic regeneration partners to link with local businesses and encourage stalls as a business start up.

Q: Anything else?

The events program was devised to support our existing traders through the redevelopment phases of the Better Barnsley project. The 50 million pound plans include the complete refurbishment of the markets complex, in order to undertake this we have an extensive site clearance and demolition phase to enable us to rehouse the semi open and refurbish the market halls. This has led to customers thinking that the markets had closed in part, to offset this BMBC put aside £100K for events and promotions to support the town centre and traders through the redevelopment. The beach was the second in our events program and due to public demand was extended for an extra 2 weeks. Each event features a series of specialist markets, has supporting entertainment and is promoted via a bespoke magazine, radio campaign, press advertising and social media. The beach event increased footfall on every day and at weekends attendance was in excess of 1,000 people per day.

We are already planning this years beach event in response to public demand which this year will last a full month.