Barcelona’s markets celebrate #LYLM2015

Barcelona’s markets celebrate #LYLM2015

They had a whale of a time celebrating Love Your Local Market in Barcelona last year and for 2015 seventy-one activities are planned across the city.

Barcelona where one of the first cities to sign up to the international Love Your Local Market celebrations and as is befitting one of the most renowned organisations running public market, they did it in style.  For some idea of all the energy and enthusiasm that went into last years festivities, see the video below.

For 2015 seventy-one activities are planned  in Barcelona Markets such as , several food tasting nights, tapas competitions, cooking workshops for schools, thirteen activities related to health promotion (flash mobs “mercat cardio protegit” (cardiology protected market), healthy juice workshop, creative cooking for coeliac disease) and special discounts together with four competitions  drawing, photography Instagram, sandwiches and international photography competition “love your market”

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For more information visit Barcelona’s Love Your Local Market website