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About Us

We are an online news syndicate and press release company. In the past two years, we have worked with many firms and companies, told their stories, conducted exclusive interviews, and followed up on their businesses. While we report news on almost every sphere of life within the communities we operate, we focus more on business news.

Statistics show that only two out of every ten new businesses will survive the next five years. With the Global Pandemic driving up unemployment and an economic recession, it’s almost impossible for a business to survive the new climate. We aim to empower these businesses and ensure that an entrepreneur has the necessary knowledge and data to make informed decisions and improve a company’s productivity. We achieve our goal through strategic partnerships and explosive interviews with successful—and startup entrepreneurs.

One of our primary goals is to become the most sought-after business news website. From the executives to the journalists, every team member, writers, researchers, editors, and graphic designers, is charged with ensuring that all content produced are top-quality and factual. In a world where fake news is peddled from major news outlets to individuals who further peddle such news through social media, we must rigorously establish facts before publishing any news item.

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