Where your market is held will ultimately determine its long-term viability and success.


Where you choose to site yours will need a number of very important factors to be taken into consideration.

• Footfall
• Dwell time
• Suitable access
• Suitability in all weather conditions
• Parking and public transport provision


When considering a suitable site for a market, priority should be given to footfall which will make or break the ability of your traders to sell their wares. They need a constant turnover of people throughout the day but the venue also needs to be welcoming enough to put those people at ease.


A consideration of nearby parking facilities and transportation links will also be vital to the success of your market. Furthermore suitable access, not only for visitors to the market but for traders setting up and taking down the stalls, will need to be given and if the market is held on public highways then permission will be required from the highways authority.

Depending on the frequency of your market you might also need planning permission.


There is currently an exemption in respect of temporary markets but if you intend to hold more than fourteen markets in a calendar year then you will need to obtain planning permission.


If you intend to operate your market throughout the year the site must be suitable to cope with adverse weather conditions and you are advised to consider the impact of bad weather. Strong winds, for example, can often disrupt a market and you will need to consider the point at which a market can no longer take place.

Recommendation: Siting your market


Remember to try and site your markets near to other activities, whether it be retail or community such as other shops or a local school.


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