The Benefits

A market with a strong community focus can provide a number of significant benefits.


These include:

Economic benefits:

  • Provide a platform for small local businesses to test trade in a low cost, low risk, supportive environment
  • Help volunteers gain work experience and new skills
  • Keep money local


Environmental benefits:

  • Offer a localised space in which to shop on foot or by bike
  • Increase opportunities for alternative food networks
  • Decrease waste by shopping little and often, with the likelihood of less packaging


Educational benefits:

  • Engage young people with local food producers to supply more information about food origins and locations
  • Give young people an opportunity to learn new skills or be inspired by artisans and crafters
  • Offer young people showcasing opportunities, whether this be for skills, school projects or as a space to perform


Health benefits: 

  • Increase access to fresh, local, affordable food, often in quantities more suited to the individual
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Foster a sense of well-being and increased self-esteem


Social benefits: 

  • Offer a sociable place to shop
  • Engage local people in community activities
  • Raise awareness of and meet local needs


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CASE STUDY: Levenshulme Market Fund


The market prides itself on a diverse range of high-quality traders. As a social enterprise, profits made are invested back into improving the market or empowering the local community to take ownership of their high street by increasing opportunities to become retail entrepreneurs.
In January 2015 Levenshulme Market, with support of the South Manchester Regeneration Team of Manchester City Council, announced a £15,000 Market Fund. Open to people wanting to make a difference to Levenshulme high street and residents who want to start or develop their own retail business.
You can find out more about Levenshulme Market and the Market Fund on the website at: