A good market relies on time and investment, and successful delivery will often rely on a wide range of partners.


Potential partners will largely depend on the benefits your market delivers. 
What is going to be an important factor in taking your market project forward will be the support and enthusiasm of elected members such as your MP and local Councillors and Officers. You will also need to approach your Parish and Town Councillors, asking to put the new market proposal forward for consideration and feedback.


One thing that cannot be underestimated is the importance of involving national bodies such as NABMA and the NMTF (National Market Traders Federation) who have various support structures in place for the management of your market and offer advice and guidance on how to recruit and support your traders.


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Recommendation: Hold a Public Meeting


When first planning out your new market, consider holding a public meeting with potential traders, customers and partner organisations such as community area partnerships, the local Parish / Town Council, primary care trusts and local businesses. This will deliver feedback on your initial thoughts and help you to gain a perspective on what these groups would gain from your project.