How to use the toolkit

This Toolkit aims to provide an overview of the important things you need to think about if you are considering setting up and running a market.


The content is divided up into simple explanatory text with a suite of tools consisting of documents such as questionnaires, checklists, and other templates that you will need to consider when setting up a market.


When taking into account the range of management models that will be considered within this Toolkit, certain sections will be more relevant than others. We hope that by dividing the information up, we are able to provide you with a pick and mix guide to setting up a market, under whatever structure is most relevant to your neighbourhood.


Toolkit chapters can be accessed by using the top menu and the entire document can be downloaded as a PDF, on the link in the left hand sidebar, where you will also find our Tools section.


A great deal of information about markets already exists on the web and other publications and we hope by undertaking the journey to set up a market in your area you will do additional background reading. This Toolkit, rather than repeating this information, offers a simple guide to summarising the areas we feel are most relevant and, wherever possible, we have linked to other publications and organisations.


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