Administrative Matters

When dealing with membership details, traders information, licences, attendance and other market matters, good records will need to be kept alongside mechanisms for renewal, ideally understood by more than one member of the organisation.


Your markets procedures can be as simple as keeping records as follows: 

  • Paper – great for smaller markets with an organised manager and treasurer. Traders can send in applications in hard copy format and receipts and other records need to be duplicated which can be time-consuming
  • Spread sheets – make life a lot easier and can be shared in the cloud between different members. A system like Google Docs can help reduce the cost of software
  • Apps – a host of these are available on the Internet to help small business. Some are free but the majority will need to be purchased. Many can be dovetailed with accounting procedures
  • Website – a good website with the capacity to book traders, pay pitch fees, accept applications as well as inform people of the dates of your market and any other details cannot be underestimated. It may be worth asking the community if this service is able to be provided voluntarily or for a reduced fee.


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