Markets, often seen as the reserve and responsibility of local authorities, have in recent years seen a proliferation of local people, community groups, private enterprise and Parish and Town Councils creating new offers that have, in some cases, moved away from the traditional market.


Adding vibrancy to town centres, as well as creating opportunities for entrepreneurship, markets can take many forms, either run by the traders, private enterprise, the Town or Parish Council, or groups with concerns around sustainability, local food networks, a decline in traditional skills or simply to use a space.
Effective management needs to be visionary, innovative and have determined leadership and must reflect the following:


  • Local aspirations and a sense of empowerment
  • Credibility of the community within the area
  • Ability to attract investment and undertake investment for continual improvement
  • Act as a catalyst for regeneration
  • Become the focus of the area and town

The provision of this toolkit will assist in the creation of new markets and taking over existing markets, should a local need arise to do so.


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