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Exeter Business Announcements

Exeter, the capital city of Devon, and a thriving business community. The city boasts a number of remarkable achievements in the business sector. Several large corporations have relocated to Exeter and enjoy the best of what this amazing County of Devon provides.

The Met office is one of the leading employers in the city. The Met office relocated from Berkshire and is situated in its bespoke offices near Sowton industrial estate.

Exeter is also the home of the largest car sales center in Europe. Based at Marsh Barton is a huge collection of car sales companies including BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Volkswagen, Audi, Jaguar and Maserati to name a few.

Exeter is a great location for business, and you just gotta love your market if you operate from the city.

On this Love Your Local Market website, we bring you business announcements made by Exeter-based companies here in the southwest of England. We also bring you business announcements from other companies that may have an association with Exeter.

Please read just some of the new stories that we are featuring on this page below.

Exeter Businessman To Teach Business Owners How To Annihilate Their Competition

22nd April 2021

Benn Davis, an entrepreneur and successful businessman based in Exeter is determined to teach businesses how they can rise above the competition and grow their business exponentially. He plans to do this with the launch of his new book titled “Annihilate Your Competition”.

The book is a 12 step guide that is aimed specifically to help business owners that currently have an annual turnover between £1 million and £20 million. His book is focused on helping businesses achieve impressive growth in profit.

Mr Davis wrote his book as a result of pulling the experience and knowledge that he has about buying and selling businesses that he has done across many sectors all over the United Kingdom.

Mr Davis said “The book has been created using my own experience in running multi-million-pound companies and how I can help other businesses achieve this level of success,” he went on to say “It’s only for true entrepreneurs who want to discover the secret to building companies and teams with the ambition of experiencing explosive growth.” He also announced “It’s tougher than ever for business owners looking to survive the current climate; they know they need to take positive action but just cannot do it alone. This book will provide business owners with a step-by-step guide to ensure they don’t just survive but thrive.

Mr Davis believes that unless you are 100% focused on acting now to exponentially grow your business, then you will continue to tread water and, worst-case scenario, “sink without trace” and added “Growing a business is not just about marketing, it’s about strategic planning and without this you are genuinely wasting your cash. As an astute business owner, you need to implement a programme across the whole business.”

Benn’s 12 step guide is available from Amazon in the form of Kindle or hard copy. You can also download his book in PDF format free of charge from his site. Click here to find out more.

Large Distribution Center To Be Built At Exeter Logistics Park

21st April 2021

Recently, plans have been submitted to the Council to approve the construction of two huge warehouses that are to be based at Exeter Logistics Park. The announcement of who the distribution warehouses are to be built for has not been made public yet. However the developers report that the company is a world leading logistic company.

If this move is to go-ahead, it will mean the creation of more than 150 jobs.

The construction will include a 55,000 square-foot building that will include an integral office space. The building will be constructed to a high environmental (BREEAM) rating and will have a number of sustainability aspects and features about it including numerous solar panels, a green roof that will be above the office areas and they sustainable drainage system.

There will be 120 allocated car parking spaces as well as 93 loading bays for the distribution vehicles. There will also be numerous electrical charging points for electric vehicles.

The purpose of the new facility is to ensure and increase operational efficiency. There are a number of factors that will be implemented within the distribution center that will ensure increased profitability but at the same time reducing environmental issues.

If the go-ahead is granted by the Council, construction could start as soon as July 2021 with a completion expected to be around the first quarter of 2022.

Dan Gallagher, joint managing director for commercial property developer Stoford has said “This is an ambitious build programme that would unlock further development at Exeter Logistics Park and deliver significant economic benefits.”

“Our proposals recognise the need for the site to be developed responsibly, reducing carbon footprint where possible and providing features that will help contribute towards the council’s target of becoming carbon neutral by 2040.”

The development project would be welcome for both the economy of Exeter as well as the employment that it will create.

Stobart Air Announces New Routes From Exeter Airport

21st April 2021

Stobart Air has announced that it plans to set up new Routes to fly from Devon-based Exeter airport as well as Cornwall-based Newquay airport in a move that will connect the southwest of England to Ireland.

The new route from Exeter will fly to Dublin, and will commence on 30 August and will fly four times a week initially.

Managing director for Stobart Air said “Anticipating a successful Covid-19 vaccination rollout which will allow air travel to resume safely later this year, we are pleased to add Exeter-Dublin and Newquay Cornwall-Belfast to our route network.”

“We believe these new connections will cater to both business and leisure travellers with direct, convenient and cost-effective flights between England’s southwest and the two largest cities on the island of Ireland.”

This is obviously great news for Exeter airport that had received a major blow as a result of Flybe’s airline closure in 2020 at the start of Covid-19.

Loganair Announces New Flight Route From Norwich To Exeter

14th April

Loganair, a Scottish based airline has announced that it plans to create a new flight route that will connect Norwich to Exeter. The new road is planned to start his first flights from 12 July. These rights will operate four times per week initially and then, from September, the flights will drop to twice a week.

It will be a welcome route connecting these two cities. Both cities are situated in tourist regions and the distance between them is quite considerable. Joining the two regions together by this new route will be potentially popular from a public perspective.

The airline will also be resuming its flights from Edinburgh to Norwich which is expected to commence in July this year. This is a change from the originally announced date which was in September.

The collapse of Flybe’s airline in 2020 meant that 46 routes that operated from Exeter airport became nonexistent. However, the industry has been picking up and in recent times, 42 of those roots have been restored by other airlines taken advantage of Flybe’s absence. This is of course more welcome news for Exeter airport.

Exeter Business Announcements